Individual Selection of our House-made Charcuterie: 10
- Pâté de Campagne
- “Face” Bacon
- Fennel Cured Spalla
- Truffle Scented Chicken Liver Parfait
- “CBD” Chicken, Beef, Duck-Poached Ballotine
- Beef Heart Bresaola
- Chocolate Espresso Cured Lamb Lomo
- Beet Coriander Smoked Wild Salmon
- Calabrian Nduja
- Juniper Cured Duck Prosciutto
- Szechuan Beef Tendon
- Moroccan Spiced Pork & Duck Rillettes
- Rosemary Cured Guanciale
- Hog’s Head Cheese
- Spicy Coppa
- Pancetta
- Peppered Lonza
- Country Ham Smoked Cobia

Individual Selection of our House-made Sausages: 10
- Spanish Style Morcilla
- Spanish Style Chorizo
- Moroccan Style Lamb Merguez
- Catalonian Style Butifarra
- Filipino Style Longanisa
- Mexican Style Salchichas
- Greek Style Loukaniko
- Swiss Style Cervelat

Grand Charcuterie Board
Chef’s Selection of our House-Made Sausages and Seasonal Accoutrements: 55

Sausage Fest
Chef’s Selection of our House-Made Sausages and Seasonal Accoutrements: 55


Roasted Beet Salad
Honey Compressed Beets, Bacon Vinaigrette, Sunflower Seed Purée, Beet Chips, Sweet Potato Hay,
Bleu Cheese: 14

Crispy Pig Ear & Warm Giardiniere Salad
Black Brioche, Charred Brussels Sprouts, Shaved Pecorino, Green Peppercorn Anchovy Dressing: 14

Aloo Gobi
Crispy Potato, Roasted Cauliflower, Local Baby Eggplant, Toasted Indian Spice, Marinated Tofu,
Bergamot Yogurt: 16

“Sweet Tea” Country Fried Chicken Wings
Miso Butterscotch Country Biscuits, Sweet Potato Sorghum Butter, Smoked Onion Buttermilk Dressing: 15

Foie Gras “Living Terrarium”
Foie Gras Dippin’ Dots, Granola, Buttermilk Fluid Gel, Tarragon Sabayon, Smoked Blueberry Consommé: 16


Italian Hoagie
Calabrian ‘Nduja, Pancetta, Benton’s Smoked Ham, Warm Giardiniere Salad, Provolone, Basil Caper Pesto: 12

Smoked Veal Pastrami Sandwich
Country Rye, Honey Fennel Choucroute, Gruyère, Pickled Rutabaga Rémoulade: 13

Cohiba Smoked Scallops
Chorizo Dust, Caramelized Cauliflower, Pimentón Patatas Bravas, Black Garlic Fennel Choucroute: 32

Jamaican Curried Fish Stew
Grilled Lemon Fish, Curry Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, Jasmine Rice, Spicy Lemongrass Broth : 16

Root Burger
Toasted Brioche Bun, Caramelized Onions, Allen Benton Bacon;
Choice of Aged Cheddar, Point Reyes Bleu or Swiss: 15