ROOT is located at 1800 Magazine St., in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, LA and sits directly above Square Root on the second floor.   It opened in November of 2011 to great acclaim gaining Best New Restaurant in New Orleans Magazine and Top 50 Best Restaurants in the Country by Bon Appétit Magazine all within the first year.   
It recently moved from its original location of 200 Julia St. to it’s newer digs at 1800 Magazine in May of 2016.  ROOT continues to push the boundaries of technique, flavor and execution, utilizing Louisiana’s seasonal harvest while giving praise to each individual ingredient.  

ROOT is defined by inception, birth and beginning.  It is Chef Phillip Lopez’s “inception” of a lifelong dream to own a restaurant that evolves a new generation of chefs in New Orleans, the “birth” of an idea on progressive Louisiana Cuisine and the “beginning” of a revolution to always strive to be better than the day before in food and service.